Thursday, 16 April 2020


social media benefits

In the last decade, very few businesses were aware of Social Media marketing. In that time businessmen were thinking about social media is like a big thing, but now in 2020, social media have become an important part of businesses in daily routine. That business may be small or big, social media is necessary to reach to your customers. By 2020, near about 3.2 billion people are using social media networks around the globe.
Social media is now continuously changing with different updates and tools. Nowadays everybody prefers social media if anybody wants to buy anything or want to join or get benefits from any services. There are lots of benefits of using social media, let’s see some top 9 benefits of using social media marketing to your business field.

1.      1. Brand Awareness Purpose: Social media is the best platform for easy and effective brand building. Social media has an advantage over traditional media as it can get your brand in front of people much more quickly and easily. For brand awareness, you should create a business page with all your services, product information. Share attractive & effective posts on social media to get popularity and stand out in different people.

2.       2. Competitor Analysis: By using social media you can analyze your competitors' fan followers. Competitor analysis activity helps you to find out strengths & weakness in your profile that helps to build the strategy of your social media profile. It is useful to increase connectivity with more people to get more followers.

3.    3. Build Customer Trust: Have you thought about when customers attract to your services?  Customers always like to buy from those when they get to trust and satisfaction from those services. Build a customer’s trust by loyal to your services.

4.       4. Share your Business Stories: It’s an effective strategy to get profit for your business. When you get service demands from social media, and then post success stories on social media platforms. By reading stories other customers get attracted to get serve your services. Also, You can do the scheduling of posts and can give updates by posting on social media.
5.   5. Get Customer Engagement: Share engaging content like services videos, blogs, attractive images, Gifs to social media. By regularly posting on social media, there is a large possibility to get your valuable customers.

6.    6. Promote your Services:   Social media have given a great benefit for the promotion of your services, products, a website on social media. Different social media platforms are available for different kinds of promotion options. By running ads on social media you can target your audience, also you can retarget them who are interested in your services. You can expect an increase in ROI through social media marketing. It’s worth to expect 3-5% ROI with very less investment.

7.     7..Gather Customers worldwide: Social media has no limit to cover the audience from your local area only. It helps to connect with the audience worldwide.  You can share your post with worldwide groups related to your sales. You can build a large network on different platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram. There is no cost needed to gather more customers, it’s very cost-effective.

8.     8. .Direct Communication with Customers: By going to live or by chatting directly with people or by commenting on posts increases the trust factor in them. Customers can feel the existence of services with loyalty. By directly communicating you can find out customer’s requirements that will impact more to get more leads. You can get direct feedback from your customer, that helps, more to get an update in your services if needed.

9.     9. Use of proper Hashtags: Hashtag is a keyword that starts with the sign (#), known as a hash. A hashtag is nothing but the topic/keyword when you are searching for a specific topic. It helps people to search for their interests easily. When you use hashtags in your post caption, it affects 50% more impactful.
As we can see above the top 9 benefits of Social media in business by 2020. Social media marketing is an essential thing to use compulsory for the growth of the business. There is Allentics IT Solutions best Social Media Marketing company in Pune. Get the best digital marketing services in Pune. To know more visit the website: Mob:+91 8605661100.

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